Jasa Kontruksi Balikpapan

Jasa Kontruksi

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Construction Engineering

We have the capabilities thru our qualified engineers to run construction procedures, engineering in structural, civil, piping, instrumentation and mechanical. Our Engineering Division is staff with highly talented skilled engineers and technical experts having long years experience.


Our procurement team hand in hand with the project team ensures the accurate and complete package of material and equipment is properly requisitioned, our services are all inclusive expediting of the L/C documentation, shipping custom clearance, inland transportation, cargo marshaling and inspection

Fabrication and Installation

PT. RAYY EMPAT PILAR fabrication and installation capabilities through the cool hands of our engineers and crew on site, any fabrication work which require shop fabrication is fabricated in our owner workshops in Balikpapan and Handil Kutai proven by the successful completion.

Manpower Supply

The man power supply have been proven by the successful completion of the following supplying for both offshore & onshore projects.



PT. RAYY EMPAT PILAR has a fabrication yard sized 5 hectares in Handil with 120 Ml alongside the Mahakam River.The depth of river is 14 meter




  • Accommodation
  • Offices, Telephone/Fax
  • Radio Marine & SSB
  • Workshop Fabrication
  • Workshop Instrumentation & Electrical
  • Workshop Mechanical
  • Sand Blasting
  • Skid Way
  • Telecospic Crane
  • Jetty
  • LCT
  • Crew Boat
  • Sea Truck
  • Speed Boat

The yard is located 1.5 hours from Balikpapan by road and 1.5 hours by road from Samarinda